What We Do

Our Mission

To bring awareness and education on the prevention of HIV to young people around the world. We endeavor to help them make informed decisions about their lifestyle to prevent the transmission and spread of HIV. We accomplish this by one on one counseling, educating people about safe sex and finding immediate solutions to end the epidemic. Eventually, we would like to help find a cure.

Our Funding

The funding for this effort is raised by promoting large musical events, etc. such as festivals, seminars, and conferences. These events attract patrons with live performances by popular acts and special appearances by invited professional advocates. The events themselves are used to create awareness and communicate our message.



Past Events


  • OCTOFEST @ THE MASQUERADE PARK, October 2nd & 3rd, 2005, North Avenue, Atlanta, GA – Attendance: 9,000
  • PRAISE INTERNATIONAL CONCERT SERIES @ THE GLOBAL MALL, December 2nd, 2006, Jimmy Carter Blvd., Norcross, GA – Attendance: 18,000
  • WORLD MUSIC FIESTA @ THE ATRIUM, December 29th & 30th, 2007, Decatur, GA – Attendance: 4,500
  • FIGHT AIDS IN AFRICA LIVE CONCERT @ THE ATRIUM, , May 2nd, 2008, Decatur, GA – Attendance: 3,000

Ways To Hold Your Own Charity Event

Each year, great charity events raise substantial sums of cash for non-profit organizations. Greater than 40 billion dollars has been raised in the USA during charity events in 2005, valuing for 15 percent of funds overall earnings.charity health event

Big or small, charity events create a dramatic effect. Nowadays even many bloggers and website owners are donating vast sums to charity. In the USA, www.mayoclinic.org donate regularly, and in the UK, www.healthster.co.uk are known also to donate. Here are some great ideas for charity events that you can hold:

  1. Simple athletic events such as the “Race for a Cure” is an example of a few of the world’s biggest charity fundraising events every year. However, you don’t require a thousand individuals to create an excellent effect; a fantastic motif can still help you get noticed, even when you’re a little business. Here are some sports topics to attempt:
  2. Costume topics, such as superheroes or mascots. Whatever you do is more memorable if you are dressed up.
    Seasonal events, such as a Christmas Climb over the holiday season or even a Turkey Trot throughout Thanksgiving.
    Cross-dressing topics are enjoyable for male-dominated events such as flag football
  3. Some occasions — such as charity balls or wine tastings — are great on their own. However a special subject can add liveliness to an otherwise-normal celebration. Here are some topics to attempt:
  4. Ice – Certainly the coolest event in the city!
  5. Hawaiian luau ideas work good in the summertime, but they are able to create an event really stick out in the midst of winter also.
  6. Murder mysteries keep everybody on their feet (and viewing their backs)
  7. Spicy dinner day – Cater your event together with tapas and showcase your hot dinner dance moves. Request participants to dress up in cultural apparel also.
  8. To make your occasion truly exceptional, make a theme according to your charity. Some charities have clear connections, such as pink celebrations such as breast cancer even a puppy show for animal shelters, but with a little creativity you can Think of a fascinating theme for any charity, for example:
  9. Hospitals and health charities – Choose a tasteful topic around the health care profession, including a Halloween costume parade via a local hospital (with permission, of course!), a “wear red day” for center charities, or maybe a neighborhood carnival for children cancer study. Think about what is unique about your charity and also build the theme with this idea.
  10. Third World help charities – What area of the planet does your charity aid? Select the best things about that region — from African American dance to Asian cuisine — and foundation your event with this subject.

World Changing Sports Charities

For some, a game of fun baseball after your job or a fast run prior to supper is just an enjoyable method to obtain workout. However, for these charitable organizations, sports is altering lives and supplying expect those who deal with hardship and difficulties in scenarios we might never ever experience.

Sporting activities aren’t simply great for the body, they might likewise assist neighborhoods, inning accordance with the United Nations’ Sports for Advancement and Peace. The research from this suggested that sports help with social skills, have a favorable influence on criminal offense avoidance, impart management abilities, and promote awareness of illness avoidance. Research studies likewise reveal that workout can enhance the lifestyle and promote rehab and recovery for people with intellectual and physical obstacles.  Our good friends at powerliftingbelts.org brought some of these charitable groups to our attention and so we found some incredible groups that bring exercise to those who might not normally have the chance to play:

Global Sports Foundation

This charitable organization contributes brand-new and carefully utilized sports devices to companies that have a difficult time obtaining it. The Structure likewise assists households who deal with monetary tension due to diseases including ALS and cancer. These households get funds to alleviate the concern of medical expenses and other expenditures sustained throughout treatment.

The company holds a Midnight Insanity charity baseball video game in Sugarland, Texas, which lasts from twelve noon up until 12 o’clock at night. The Sugarland Skeeters take part in this baseball marathon in order to raise contributions for particular receivers who deal with monetary tension due to a disease.

Challenged Athletes

This company uses several programs customized to various neighborhoods supporting the cause. Gain access to for Professional athletes supplies sports devices such as hand cycles and mono skis, guaranteeing physically difficultied competitive and leisure professional athletes aren’t required to remain from activity since they can not manage unique devices. Operation Rebound provides athletic chances for injured service males and females. Capture an Increasing Star is a mentoring as well as post-rehab assistance program when it comes to those who have actually suffered distressing injuries. Finally (as if this company could not be anymore active), Reach High is an info and resource program that assists those who are mentally or physically challenged make educated medical and also health choices.

Right to play

Right to Play gotten acknowledgment from UN for its effective courses in Palestinian refugee camps in addition to the West Bank as well as Gaza Strip. These courses were developed to construct youth management and raise awareness of kids’s right to enhance their health. Wilfried Lemke, a UN Unique Consultant for Sports for Advancement and Peace, checked out Palestine and also thanked Right to Play with regard to their work, expanding his assistance throughout Palestinian areas. He saw how the kids associated with Right to Play activities were constructing important life abilities and would act as drivers for much healthier, more serene neighborhoods in the future.