Medical Emergency

Medical Emergency

Medical Emergency

Medical Emergency

My husband and I had always dreamt of having a child. When I finally gave birth to Hardik, we were over the moon with joy.

With his arrival, our little family was finally complete. 



“Our entire family was so excited to welcome our little boy. I have never experienced such happiness in my life. From the moment I laid eyes on him, I knew I could never live without my baby.” 

Unfortunately, our happiness didn’t last too long. 

Barely a few hours after he was born, Hardik’s health started to deteriorate.



nurse noticed that Hardik wasn’t breathing properly and immediately called a doctor. 

They rushed our baby in to undergo different tests and scans, while we waited anxiously to hear back.

I had hoped that the test results would reassure us that our child was going to be okay. Sadly, our fate was not so kind.

The doctor informed us that Hardik had been diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot- a rare condition affecting blood flow when there are four defects in the heart from birth.



Because of the obstructed flow of blood and oxygen, our baby was also suffering from severe cyanosis- a condition that leads to a blue or grayish color of the skin. 

We were told that Hardik’s condition was making him vulnerable to other infections and diseases, but that his treatment- surgery- would have to wait.

Hardik was born in a government hospital, and they had a number of urgent and critical cases to go through before addressing our son’s health.



I refused to wait for his treatment. In order to save his life, we took our newborn to a private hospital. The doctors there told us they would conduct heart intracardiac repair surgery on Hardik. The procedure will cost us Rs 5 lakh ($ 6599.23). 

Hearing the doctor’s words, I was devastated. My husband works as a mere driver and supports his brother and mother as well as me and Hardik.

There is no way we can arrange a sum as large as Rs 5 lakh ($ 6599.23) in time to help our baby. 

The longer we wait, the more suffering my child has to endure. He’s constantly crying, and there is nothing I can do to comfort him.



“Seeing my only child go through such pain breaks my heart. He’s just a few months old- his life has not even begun yet! I can’t bear to lose him like this.”

We’ve reached the end of our line.

Only your support can help save our baby’s life now. Please, don’t let my child be snatched away from me.

Help save Hardik, donate now.

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