Medical Emergency

Medical Emergency

Medical Emergency

I am Vinitha seeking help to save my 2 Years old baby Dhanasri, She is diagnosed to have congenital heart disease – S/P Ductal stenting [4.5 mm X 19 mm Metafor stent on 2022] for pulmonary atresia with Large subaorticmalaligned VSD, Ductal Stent in position with instent stenosis, confluent branch PA’s with hypoplastic LPA, Right aortic arch with mirror branching pattern. She needs open heart surgery – RV PA CONDUIT WITH LPA PLASTY.

Dhanasri is our First baby who brought Happiness & Joy in our family but unfortunately she had heavy breathing problem. All our happiness vanished in that instance when we came to know our daughter was suffering from this illness. We have spent countless hours watching our innocent daughter face helplessly. As a painful reality that no child should ever have to confront.

Now she is undergoing treatment at Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai. She needs to undergo open heart surgery. The appropriate expenditure for above mentioned intervention procedure will be Rs.8,00,000.

My husband is a Kooli worker. He is the sole earner and the only support for my family. His income is barely enough to keep up with our day-to-day needs.

At present, my financial situation is in turmoil. I’ve pooled all our resources and savings and sold all we could, but we’re still far from reaching the required amount. I have nothing more to spare to raise the amount required for her treatment. That is why I am requesting your help in my fight to save my daughter’s life.

Please donate generously to my child. No contribution is too small; every rupee brings us one step closer to saving my babies life. Every rupee raised will make an unimaginable difference in her life. Every bit will be used to cover the cost of her treatment.

Thank you all for your support. Please help us to save our daughter.

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