Menstrual Hygiene in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Bangalore

Menstrual Hygiene in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Bangalore

Menstrual Hygiene in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Bangalore

Promoting Health and Dignity

At Give a hand foundation, we’re dedicated to improving menstrual hygiene management in Chennai and across Tamil Nadu. Despite progress, many women and girls in our communities still face challenges accessing menstrual hygiene products and information.

Key Statistics:

Based on available data, approximately 40% of women and girls in Tamil Nadu, including those in Chennai, lack access to affordable menstrual hygiene products. This contributes to challenges in managing their periods safely and hygienically.

As per recent studies, around 30% of adolescent girls in Chennai miss school during their menstrual cycle due to inadequate facilities and stigma surrounding menstruation. This figure is reflective of the situation in Tamil Nadu as well.

Our Initiatives:

Education and Awareness: We conduct educational workshops and awareness campaigns in schools and communities throughout Chennai and Tamil Nadu, challenging taboos and providing accurate information about menstrual health and hygiene.

Access to Products: Through partnerships with local businesses and donors, we distribute affordable menstrual hygiene products to women and girls in need, ensuring they have access to safe and effective options.

Sanitation Infrastructure: We advocate for improved sanitation facilities in schools, colleges, and public spaces, including access to clean water and private, hygienic spaces for menstrual hygiene management.

Empowerment : Our programs empower women and girls to take charge of their menstrual health, promoting confidence and dignity in managing their periods.

Get Involved:

You can support our efforts to promote menstrual hygiene in Chennai and Tamil Nadu.

Volunteer your time, donate menstrual hygiene products, or help spread awareness in your community.

Together, we can break the silence, challenge stigma, and ensure that every woman and girl can manage her period safely and with dignity.

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